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Ratri Money Changer

As we came back from our trip overseas, we found that we had some unused foreign currency. Being clueless about it, we asked our colleagues, what is the best way to exchange our money. some suggested to go to the bank, some suggested to go to a money changer outlet though, in the end, we ended up putting them on hold for some reasons.


As time goes by, a relative of ours was about to go on vacation. They asked us whether or not we still have the unused money from our trip. Our discussions result in fair trade with fair rates so, we had a win-win solution. As we continue, this transaction happens more often. People will come to seek us to buy and sell the current currencies that they hold. 


Ten years ago, we decided to start our business with our colleagues and relatives in mind. Our goal is not solely to make a profit but, to help each other. Hence Ratri Money Changer was born. It started small but, as time goes by and words spread, our business grows even more than what we had hoped.


We work hard to fulfill our customer's needs and to satisfy as many people as we could. We offer experienced high-quality staff, on-time currency updates, and technology to serve our customers for the best results. Your trade will be guaranteed safe and fair as we know our product’s authenticity and quality.