About Us

Ratri Money Changer Ratri Money Changer

It started when we just came back from our overseas trip. After repacked our luggage, we collected our foreign currencies. We asked ourselves, “what are we going to do with these?”. We asked our colleagues the best way to exchange our foreign currencies. Some of them suggested to go to the bank and do the exchange and some of them said it’s better to go to the money changer outlet. Then we put them on hold because of our activities.

And then someday one of our relatives would go on vacations. They asked us if we still have the currencies. We did the trade with fair rates so we had a win-win solution. These process happened quite often. People find us seeking for help, not who need foreign currency but also who want to sell theirs.  And we thought “why don’t we run a money changer, so we can help our relatives and colleagues”.

So ten years ago we started our business “Ratri Money Changer” in our living room. Our goals is not just make profits, but with the spirits “to help each other”. With the word of mouth our business grows exceeded our hopes.

To help each other is the core of our business. We work hard to fulfill others need and make everyone happy and satisfy. With high experienced in banking business staffs, on time updating currency and technology, we believe we can help. We know our product’s authenticity and quality very well to make sure that your trade is safe and fair. 

WELCOME  to Ratri Money Changer. Our business is the exchanging of many kinds of foreign currency, other than U.S. Dollars.  If you have questions about us and our service feel free to contact us, through email, phone call or online chat, our online customer service, is ready 24/7 to assist you.