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Stronger Rupiah at auction by the Government Bonds

April 6th, 2011 - Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Posted in Umum

RMC -Government policy to auction bonds worth Rp 7 trillion letter was greeted warmly by the market resulting in a flood of foreign investment in Indonesia so that reinforces the position of the rupiah, although on the opening morning was still sluggish but surprisingly is at its strongest level in the period of 4 years ie at the level of Rp.8651.

The strengthening of rupiah is deliberately allowed by the Central Bank within the meaning will not be on interventions to reduce the rate of inflation on imports so that it can further strengthen the position of the rupiah is not impossible even with the current powers to make foreign investment continues to flow so that it can make the rupiah through the level of Rp.8,500 per dollar.

The flood of foreign players in the Indonesian market due to market uncertainty in Europe and America, so look for markets that are relatively more secure, Indonesia and India are the most favored investment destination in the Asian market so the opportunities for entry of foreign capital become even greater. But that need to be aware of this situation is to take action for or profit taking potentially weaken the rupiah, but after that will return to normal, looking at the situation to re-enter the capital market. (Winnie)