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Reports Some Positive Issuer strengthening of the Rupiah

April 1st, 2011 - Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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RMC -Rupiah strengthened again triggered by positive sentiments in March, ranging from rising crude oil in the Middle East crisis that pushed inflation in some EU countries which resulted in some of the prices of basic commodities have increased, up to the deflation experienced by Indonesia in March which due to the improving economic fundamentals, we also supported the strengthening of the currency of the Asian countries except the Yen.

Amount at the level of Rp.8698 up 17 points compared to previous Rp.8705, strengthening the rupiah this really confirms the fundamental strength of the Indonesian economy. Obviously this gives a positive sentiment for us.

In addition to the factors of positive issues, JSX movement which tends to strengthen allegedly helped maintain the rate of appreciation in the rupiah and attracted foreign investors to invest in domestic capital markets. JSX strengthening this time due to the positive reports from some recently published issuer and low inflation.

While the movement of the dollar itself is still waiting for positive sentiment in the country that is least successful country Uncle Sam’s economic recovery and waiting for the release of U.S. economic data on unemployment and labor force non-agricultural sector if it is positive it is believed the dollar would strengthen.

United States due to economic uncertainty that makes the gold price rose again to defeat Libya war sentiment against the rebels and NATO allies. Investors still consider gold as the safest investment substitute than nvestment in other sectors. (Winnie)