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Capital Inflow Stabilizing Rupiah

March 28th, 2011 - Tags: , , , , , , , ,
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RMC -The euro was giddy lately, earlier this week the United States weakened against the dollar. The weakening of the euro triggered by the defeat of Germany Angela Merkel counselor at Southwestern Heartland region so that overshadow the political temperature in the countries that have economic effects in this European region.

While the rupiah participate corrected slightly because the impact of saturation after a few days to strengthen thin. But still within safe and stable because the number of incoming foreign funds to buy government bonds (SUN) and this shows that SUN can be used as a source of other investments besides stocks . The increasing ownership of securities by foreign investors also indicate that the Indonesian economy is getting better so it will curb inflation.

Despite this increase in funds that go to give a little concern if the rollicking investors withdraw funds (capital outflow) a sudden rise in inflation could affect the state of Indonesia. But the government already anticipate providing the bailout if it happens that maintained economic stability and also shows the fundamental strength of our economy.

But after the entry of foreign capital by giving investors a positive value for our economy and make investors more confident will be safe to invest in Indonesia and prove to the world that Indonesia has the economy is getting better. (Winnie)