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G7 agreement to put a halt yen and raise the value of the rupiah against the U.S. dollar

March 21st, 2011 - Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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RMC -Fly zones imposed against Libya and the invasion of coalition forces America, France and Britain really make Libya oil production dropped dramatically only around 350,000 barrels per day and this just makes Libya panic and offers great concessions to any country willing to drill for oil in Libya .

But for some neighbors who are against western Libya also called for criticism of the raid and are expected to use diplomatic means rather than blindly attack which claimed to have killed 45 Libyans. Including the Arab League which supports the ban fly zone, but condemned the invasion of the western coalition that considered only the desire to seize the oil fields of Libya.

Along with a coalition of insurgent raid that caused world oil prices fall, then became stronger rupiah value which is at position Rp.8748 from the previous G7 Rp.8765 coupled with an agreement to put a halt to rising yen after an emergency meeting in Washington enough to stabilize the rupiah.

Amount was believed to remain stable as long as sustained positive sentiment about the entry of foreign investors to invest in Indonesia. Especially if it’s really expected the rupiah can be realized as soon as possible at the level of Rp.8,500 per U.S. dollar.

The rise in the stock exchanges Indonesia JSX is very encouraging news and spur the entry of capital market investors to Indonesia, although at the close yesterday had rebounded Friday. This fresh wind blowing news that the JSX still could strengthen again, although not too extreme. (Winnie)