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Japanese Nuclear Reactor explosion triggered Dollar Increase

March 16th, 2011 - Tags: , , , , , ,
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RMC -Fears of global economic players are now switching from fears of global crude oil crisis is a concern to the nuclear crisis, triggered the explosion of a nuclear reactor that encourage Japanese investors to give more priority to hold cash rather than invest. In addition, nuclear radiation leak is believed to inhibit the process of reconstruction and economic recovery in Japan.

Gold investment which was originally deemed safe by the investors were rollicking switch to the dollar which is considered far more secure, thus triggering the decline of gold prices for April delivery, fell about two percent. This is what helped push the dollar rise slowly as well as falling world oil prices due to economic crisis in Japan.

Measures of money market players took profits are also believed to trigger the pressure of the dollar against the rupiah rupiah but the correction is still within reasonable limits and stable because there are still a lot of positive sentiment towards economic growth in Indonesia and hopes of many foreign investors who invest in Indonesia because Indonesia still considers is a relatively safe country to invest.

The rate of growth of our country believed to be getting better plus the delay of the subsidized fuel price hike to curb inflation so that the positive sentiment remained awake. Also expected economic recovery and reconstruction process of the Japanese nation recover soon so that no adverse impact on exports of our country against Japanese goods and could trigger a new economic crisis that will weaken the value of our currency and other Asian currencies. (Winnie)