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Oil prices fall in the rupiah to strengthen position

March 14th, 2011 - Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,
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RMC -As has been previously predicted that the rupiah will continue to be strengthened if there were no negative issues that can make it worse. Even the dollar had slumped back to shift up as the tsunami that struck countries followed Japan with Japanese Economic Tsunami that caused world oil prices go down due to this while Japan will not import crude oil due to the cessation of activities of large factories that ravaged the lunge Tsunami .

Japan was devastated, especially in the north of Japan which is the area of  automotive and electronics industries to make some big companies to stop operating for a while waiting for the recovery of an estimated 5-6 months to come. As a result, some Japanese companies fell as shares of Toyota since stopped production temporarily.

The fall in world crude oil prices helped diminish rising inflation and boost the regional currencies such as the rupiah currency is also some other Asian countries like Thailand baht and Malaysian ringgit.

Tsunami Japanese economy also bring fresh air to Indonesia because the Indonesian state is considered the safest country for investment by Japanese investors as well as replacing the factories that stopped production temporarily while awaiting recovery of the Japanese economy.

Besides, there is also little concern of Indonesia to Japan’s catastrophic decline in exports of gas from Pertamina, but according to Pertamina itself it will not happen to remember Japan in desperate need of energy supply for Japan’s nuclear power plant exploded due to the earthquake. (Winnie)