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Strengthening Of The Dollar Due To Global Issue

March 11th, 2011 - Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,
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RMC -Anticipation of rising inflation due to rising high oil prices make banks in the country - Asian nations plan to raise interest rates thereby strengthening the position of each currency. No exception with Indonesia, it became clearer with the issue of Bank Central Asia will raise interest rates so slowly became stronger rupiah. However, the strengthening of the rupiah has also caused its own vulnerability, when there are negative issues just a little it can make investors take action to buy dollars.

But for a while have not seen any negative sentiment that could shake the rupiah let alone supported by Indonesia’s economic growth began to improve recently.

At the same time the position of the dollar also edged up against the Euro this action caused the entire stock of dollars by investors associated with a decrease in credit ranking countries Spain and Greece by Moody’s. Although the various parties request Moody’s to review whether or not to decline the loan by looking at the stability of the country is still within safe limits.

If the action of the entire stock of dollars by investors is still on going then obviously the dollar will raise the prestige of course, now the dollar is in the range Rp8750-Rp8780 and could continue to rise proportional to the demand of investors to the dollar. (Winnie)