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    Our business is the exchanging of many kinds of foreign currency
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#About Us

WELCOME  to RatriMoneyChanger. Our business is the exchanging of many kinds of foreign currency, other than U.S. Dollars. We are happy to help you who don.t have convenient or cost effective access to foreign exchange facilities, but who must have the ability to transfer funds in a different currency. We accept Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, British pound, Swiss franc,  euro, US dollar and other currencies. We  provide this service in conjunction with a number of different banks


Exchange Rates

Last update: Saturday 23 June 2018 05:34:10 AM

Currency We Buy We Sell Flag
These are indicative rates. For actual exchange rates, please visit or call our outlets . We reserve the right to change the rates at any time without prior notice.
USD 14018 14143
SGD 10343 10436
JPY 124 131
HKD 1764 1822
EUR 16204 16676
AUD 10287 10649
CNY 2131 2201
GBP 18394 18837
CHF 13952 14522
NZD 9509 9970
CAD 10333 10876